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Under One Sky

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This is more than just a pet food company,
it's a community on a mission.

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Dr. Doug Knueven, Kure Chief Veterinarian


Our Mission of creating the most nourishing, healthy cleanfood for pets is the heart of our lifework on this planet, and it’s the goal we
will always put
first. Everything
we do will maintain a protective, connected, and sustainable food
and life ecosystem,
from our small family farms, to our healthier packaging – our gift from our hardworking hands to the paws
that pad across
your floor.
We ensure the guardianship of animals, natural resources, good energy, and the highest quality
food from
soil and sea to bowl,

for the lasting good of us all.


Kure Pet Food. This is cleanfood.

Our Products

From our farmers' hands to your pets' bowls.

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Raw Fermented Beef Recipe


Raw Fermented Chicken Recipe

Benefits of Kure

The power of raw fermented wholefoods.

  • protective nutrient-dense wholefood

  • full-fat raw dairy, balanced by nature

  • superb source of live, naturally

       occurring enzymes, probiotics, vitamins

       minerals and fatty acids

  • perfected 1:1 fat to protein formulations, following Mother Nature

  • living foods provide the ultimate of
    probiotic benefits

  • delivers nutrients in its complete form

  • easy digestion

  • digestible lactose due to raw fermentation

  • no high-pressure pasteurization (HPP)

  • chemical-free living

  • minimally processed foods

  • raw wholefood

  • always humane and ethical

  • small regenerative farming

  • non-GMO, no pesticides or drugs

Our Fish Tale

Going from farms to fisheries,
we have more good news.



"Help bring this new concept
of pet food production into
this world."

Dr. Doug Knueven, Kure Chief Veterinarian

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