Under One Sky

“This is more than just a pet food company, it’s a community on a mission.”

Dr. Doug Knueven, Kure Chief Veterinarian

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Paw Picks

Premium dog products for every need and style.

New Arrivals

Check out our newest arrivals for your pet.

Adventure Combo: Harness & Bandana Set

Embark on thrilling escapades with our Adventure Combo: Harness & Bandana Set. The bandana, sized at 412929 cm, ensures versatile use. Choose the perfect fit from our harness size chart, ensuring comfort and security during your explorations. Unleash the adventurer in you with this dynamic duo.

Cool Paws: Instant Chill Pet Bandana – Summer Scarf & Collar

Introducing Cool Paws: Instant Chill Pet Bandana, the ultimate summer accessory for your furry friend. Crafted from innovative cool technology fabric, it prevents heatstroke and offers instant cooling comfort. Chemical-free and lightweight, it's safe and breathable. Simply soak, freeze, and enjoy extended coolness. A must-have for outdoor adventures with your canine companion.

Cotton Rose Bandana: Chic Triangle Scarf & Bib

Meet our Cotton Rose Bandana, the versatile accessory redefining style and functionality. Crafted from soft cotton in pink and beige hues, it doubles as a chic triangle scarf and bib, perfect for fashion-forward females. With an adjustable neck circumference of 24-46CM, elevate your accessory game effortlessly with item no. PJ029

Halloween Hound: Pet Bandanas & Accessories

Meet Halloween Hound: Pet Bandanas & Accessories, a spooktacular addition to your furry friend's wardrobe. Choose from a variety of vibrant colors and playful prints to dress up your pet in style. With sizes to fit all breeds, this dog scarf brings festive flair to every occasion. Get ready to unleash the Halloween spirit!

Lace Christmas Paws Scarf: Festive Dog Bandana

Elevate your furry friend's festive style with our Lace Christmas Paws Scarf. Adorned with a charming grid pattern in classic red and green hues, this bandana adds a touch of holiday cheer to your pet's ensemble. Crafted from cotton plaid and polyester plush, it ensures comfort and durability. Perfect for any occasion!

PawPrints Adjustable Pet Bandana: Stylish Scarf for Dogs & Cats

Introducing PawPrints Adjustable Pet Bandana, the perfect accessory for your furry friend. Crafted from high-quality twill cotton, it offers style and comfort. With its buckle design and adjustable fit, it's easy to wear and ensures a snug fit for dogs and cats of all sizes. Treat your pet to this stylish scarf today!

Pawsome Woven Collar Bandana: Style & Comfort Combo

Introducing the Pawsome Woven Collar Bandana, where style meets comfort for your beloved pet. Available in a variety of vibrant colors including blue, black, red, and more, this collar is crafted from durable nylon for lasting wear. Choose from a range of sizes for the perfect fit. Pack includes one collar.

Pet Care Essentials Set: Drool Towel, Scarf, & Triangle Towel

Elevate your pet care routine with our Pet Care Essentials Set, featuring a Drool Towel, Scarf, and Triangle Towel. Crafted from high-quality polyester using tie-dye processing, these essentials offer both style and functionality. Perfect for keeping your furry friend clean and comfortable, with the added convenience of the included triangular scarf.

Our Process

From Farm to Bowl: Ensuring Quality and Care.

Our Commitment to Nourishing Pets and Planet

Our Mission

Our Mission of creating the most nourishing, healthy cleanfood for pets is the heart of our lifework on this planet, and it's the goal we will always put first. Everything we do will maintain a protective, connected, and sustainable food and life ecosystem, from our small family farms, to our healthier packaging – our gift from our hardworking hands to the paws that pad across your floor.

Guardianship and Sustainability

We ensure the guardianship of animals, natural resources, good energy, and the highest quality food from soil and sea to bowl, for the lasting good of us all. Kure Pet Food. This is cleanfood. In our commitment to quality and sustainability, we strive to provide nourishing cleanfood for your pets while safeguarding our planet and its resources for generations to come.

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The power of raw fermented wholefoods.

Benefits of Kure

Raw Goodness

Protective, nutrient-dense wholefood.

Full-fat, raw dairy, balanced by nature.

A superb source of live, naturally occurring enzymes, probiotics, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids.

Perfected 1:1 fat-to-protein formulations, following Mother Nature.

Live Nutrients

Living foods provide the ultimate of probiotic benefits.

Delivers nutrients in its complete form.

Easy digestion.

Digestible lactose due to raw fermentation.

No high-pressure pasteurization (HPP).


Chemical-free living.

Minimally processed foods.

Raw wholefood.

Always humane and ethical.

Small regenerative farming.

Non-GMO, no pesticides or drugs.

Our Latest Articles

Going from farms to fisheries, we have more good news.


“Help bring this new concept
of pet food production into
this world.”

Dr. Doug Knueven, Kure Chief Veterinarian