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Can I Heat Fresh Pet Dog Food? Microwave and Storage Tips

Can I Heat Fresh Pet Dog Food?

You can gently heat Fresh Pet dog food to enhance its aroma and make it more appetizing for your dog. However, it’s important to heat it only to a lukewarm temperature, as overheating can destroy nutrients and make the food too hot for your dog to eat comfortably. Always check the temperature before serving to ensure it’s safe for your pet.

Fresh Pet Dog Food

How to Microwave Fresh Pet Dog Food Rolls, and Bagged & Roasted Meals?

  • Prepare the Food: Cut the Freshpet dog food roll into small, even slices. This ensures the food heats evenly in the microwave. Measure roasted meals in cups before warming.
  • Place in Microwave-Safe Dish: Arrange the slices in a microwave-safe dish, spreading them out for uniform heating.
  • Cover the Dish: Cover the dish lightly. This helps to retain moisture and heat the food more evenly.
  • Microwave on Low to Medium: Heat the slices on a low to medium setting in the microwave for about 10-20 seconds. Adjust time based on the amount of food and your microwave’s wattage.
  • Stir and Check Temperature: After heating, stir the food to distribute the heat and check its temperature. It should be warm to the touch, not hot.
  • Cool Before Serving: If the food is too warm, let it cool down a bit. Always ensure it’s at a safe, lukewarm temperature before serving to your dog.

How to Microwave Fresh Pet Dog Food Rolls, and Bagged & Roasted Meals

How to Store Fresh Pet Dog Food?

  • Refrigerate Immediately: Store Freshpet dog food in the refrigerator as soon as you get it, as it is made with fresh ingredients and needs to be kept cold.
  • Seal Tightly After Opening: Once opened, ensure the packaging is sealed tightly or transfer the food to an airtight container to maintain freshness.
  • Use Within 7 Days of Opening: Consume or discard the food within seven days of opening to ensure your dog is getting the freshest meal.
  • Option to Freeze: If you can’t use the entire product within seven days, you can freeze it, but be aware that freezing may change its texture and consistency.
  • Avoid Room Temperature Storage: Never leave Freshpet dog food at room temperature for more than an hour to prevent spoilage and maintain its quality.

How to Store Fresh Pet Dog Food

Tips for Serving Fresh Pet Dog Food

  • Use Within a Week: Make sure to consume the food within seven days after opening it.
  • Refrigerate Leftovers: Any food that your pet doesn’t eat should be placed back in the refrigerator right after feeding.
  • Avoid Leaving Food Out: Don’t leave Freshpet food in your pet’s bowl for over an hour.
  • Freezing Option: If your pet can’t finish the food within a week, you can freeze it. Freezing may alter the food’s texture but will maintain its nutritional value.

Benefits of Serving Warm Food to Dogs

Serving warm food to dogs can have several benefits, particularly for their appetite and digestion. When food is warmed, it releases aromas that can be more appealing to dogs, especially those with decreased appetite or picky eating habits. This enhanced smell and taste can encourage them to eat more and enjoy their meals better.

Warming dog food can also aid in digestion. Warm food is generally easier for dogs to digest than cold food, as it doesn’t shock their digestive system. This can be particularly beneficial for older dogs or those with sensitive stomachs, as it helps in smoother digestion and nutrient absorption.

Additionally, warming food can be a gesture of care that strengthens the bond between a pet and its owner. Dogs often perceive warm food as comforting and satisfying, similar to how humans view a home-cooked meal. This act of serving warm food can make meal times more enjoyable and comforting for your furry companion.

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