Raw Fermented Chicken Recipe

This delicious feast serves as a complete diet for pets. A nourishing protein meal, it’s even better than organic as this is cleanfood raised under fresh skies on toxin-free and pesticide-free small family farms. Our chicken recipe offers an optimal 1:1 fat to protein ratio, following nature. It’s supplement-free nutrition that’s easy to digest, too, due to our process of fermentation. A single serving of this wholefood nutrition goes a long, satisfying way providing excellent health benefits.

Raw Fermented Chicken Recipe


Chicken, chicken heart, chicken liver, ground chicken bone, chicken eggs, organic beets, organic yellow squash, organic broccoli, whey, cod liver, butter, montmorillonite, vitamin E supplement.

Storage and Handling

Keep frozen. Thaw on plate or in sink. Empty contents and store in temperature-safe glass container. Refrigerate after serving. Stays fresh 7 days after opening. Refreeze after 7 days if needed.


  • Serve as a complete calorie-dense diet
  • Full panel ingredients: 90% meat, organs and bone, 10% wholefoods with an ideal 1:1 fat to protein ratio
  • No need for additional food, supplements, or additives

Nutrient Dense Raw Food

  • Pasture-raised, free range chickens
  • Optimal 1:1 fat to protein ratio, a recipe balance following nature
  • Clean source of energy
  • Wild fermented organic vegetables
  • Pasture-raised, non-gmo fermented chicken eggs
  • Billions of probiotics and hundreds of live, diverse cultures
  • Safe, nutrient-rich wholefood
  • Diverse amino acids
  • Less than 2% carbohydrates

Best Way to Serve

After thawing, portion chubs accordingly and use a digital weight scale or measuring cup to calculate. Best to serve at room temperature.