Good Food. Good Energy. Healthy Pets.

To accomplish this, everything we do will maintain  a protective, connected, and sustainable food and life ecosystem, from our small family farms, to our healthier packaging – a gift from our hardworking hands to the paws that pad across your floor.

Our Caring
Human Approach

We will always practice regenerative, old-world agriculture, a quiet, kinder way of farming. Our caring connection to our animals and every inch of our land is the core of our daily life. Because we believe the goodness of life should be shared, we ensure our animals live a calm, happy and gentle life, free to thrive as nature intended in our pristine fields and farmlands from birth to death. This humane and attentive system of farming in turn helps us produce the highest quality cleanfood for optimal health, and for holistically meaningful wellbeing.

Sharing Our
Knowledge to Help

Our cleanfood, in the form of raw fermented milk, broth and meat recipes, will always be mindfully created. All our recipes, the most nutritious and biologically appropriate available anywhere today, are designed by an innovative Master of Food Science and Holistic Nutritionist. Regularly sharing our knowledge about sustainable farming, health, and nutritional benefits through open communication with pet owners and our family of nutritionists, veterinarians, and environmental and holistic experts, is a key part of our work as well.

Our Mission
as Stewards
and Guardians

We are dedicated to the power of education in pursuit of wellbeing, and are grateful for the advisory work of our Chief Veterinarian on our nutritional message and guidance. Coming from generations of farm stewards, as lifelong residents of a land that is home to some of the best food products made to the country’s highest standards, we all live our promise every day: to ensure the guardianship of animals, sustainable life, good energy, and healthy food from soil and sea to pet’s dish, for the lasting good of us all. Under one sky, this is our way of life, and our work, and our happiness.