Dr. Doug (as he likes to be called) joined Kure in 2021 as our Chief Veterinarian, and has been practicing holistic, integrative veterinary medicine since 1995. He is a long-time raw pet food advocate with over two decades of experience counseling pet caregivers on how to do it right. Over the years he has worked for several pet food and pet supplement companies as an advisor and consultant. 

As an author and a speaker, he lectures on holistic medicine topics, including raw feeding,at national and international veterinary programs. In 2018, Dr. Doug was recognized as the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association (AHVMA) “Holistic Teacher of the Year.”  He was also chosen to be the keynote speaker for the 2021 AHVMA

Dr. Doug

We are so honored that Dr. Doug is helping us share the message and work of cleanfood,as we strive to bring new hope for true wellbeing to pets and their pet families. Cleanfood means food from a cared-for place. Toxin-free soil, fresh air, rain and water. Regeneration of our land. Polyculture farming. Biodiversity in action. Animals living in freedom and humane kindness, in an environment where ethics matter.

Everyone here, from our farmers to our master nutritionist and kitchen team and customer support, is here because of the love we share for our pets, our animals, our earth, and we are grateful that Dr. Doug is able to be such an important part of this cleanfood effort.

“Help bring this new concept
of pet food production into
this world.”~ Dr. Doug

I graduated from the Ohio State University veterinary school in 1987 and have been practicing holistic medicine since 1994. In 1998 I became convinced of the value of balanced raw food for pets based on my clinical experience. I have been involved with several pet food and pet supplement companies over the years and now I am thrilled to be part of the launch of Kure fermented raw pet food because I believe in the people behind this brand. They have had an extremely successful track record in previous raw pet food ventures, and now they are on a mission that is so much bigger than just producing amazing pet food. 

I am looking forward to working with the Kure community to research the benefits of fermented raw pet cleanfood and regenerative farming, to help educate pet lovers and veterinarians, and to help bring this new concept of pet food production into this world.

And yes, cleanfood is now a word. It’s about real food that goes beyond organic standards. It’s also about the energy of love and laughter that spills abundantly into each batch of food.

My passion for pets and for true health (physical, mental and spiritual) will energize my contribution to the Kure community.

A part of my work with Kure will be as a consultant on product formulation and development. I will also help to build a vibrant community of raw pet food enthusiasts (both veterinary and pet parents) through educational opportunities and discussions.

 I am truly excited to be part of this incredible raw fermented pet cleanfood movement. This isn’t just organic pet food, it’s cleanfood.This isn’t just a pet food company, it’s a community on a mission.

Doug Knueven, DVM, CVA, CVC, CVCH

Chief Veterinarian for Kure Pet Food

Continued Education

A part of our mission, we have outreach

programs to pet advocates and the veterinary

field sharing information on why good food

sourcing and proper biological formulations

are critical to optimum pet health, nutrition, and

wellbeing. Our formulated diets were created

by the sister team of Jacqueline Hill and

Roxanne Stone, who introduced raw

fermented pet food products to America over

12 years ago and pioneered a new raw feeding

category by introducing raw fermented milks

to pet food stores across the nation.

Kure Cleanfood Protocols have been created

by Roxanne Stone, Master of Food Science

and Holistic Nutritionist, Jacqueline Hill, and

Dr. Doug. These Protocols are health and

diet guides that further support how and

why raw fermented nutrition

is highly beneficial for pets, particularly for

pets that are nutrient-deficient and suffer

from related health ailments.

Our Executive Veterinarian Program will

educate veterinarians about raw fermented

feeding nutrition, raw food science, and will

be offering our products to medical offices

as well as sharing peer-review publications.