As protectors of natural resources who practice old-world regenerative farming, we’ve also partnered with equally sustainable companies. We reduce the use of plastic, using environmentally friendly packaging and biodegradable cellulose paper. We source sustainable wild-caught aquaculture and test regularly. With our contribution to eco-living, we practice low energy manufacturing and reduce our carbon footprint in the process.

Polyculture Farming

Healthy Soil. Healthy Farm.
Happy Animals.

Sustainable Effort

We create sustainable food systems to protect our communities, our environment and our animals.


With our cleanfood mission, sustainability in all we do is a must. It’s also such an important way for us to support the good energy of our cleanfood, which we believe holistically enhances the food’s quality for the pets who will consume it.

Our Way of Life

Our small family farms in Pennsylvania are uniformly free of toxins, chemicals and pesticides. It is our honor to remain strictly non-GMO in a changing world. This helps us maintain the health of our soil, air, water and the fields and meadows our animals love to graze in, wander in, play in. Creating a wonderful environment, complete with butterflies and honey bees thriving in a toxin-free world.

We walk our fields to check their quality, wellbeing and progress. We reinstate the health of our soil by turning it over regularly, allowing nutrients to replenish, a key step in sustainable farming. Our polyculture farming means biodiverse soils and microbes, and healthy bacteria can thrive for the benefit of the plants, the animals and the fresh air above.

How We’ve Farmed for Generations

And by the way, we really mean we walk our fields, and do so on foot, barefoot, down from our houses and barnyards (our children enjoy running along the paths and rows with us, as does the occasional pet dog or nosy goat). No wasteful machinery or fuel fumes. This is how we’ve farmed for generations, and it keeps us truly close to our land. It’s real life. Today, our simpler way of doing things also has the benefit of helping to keep the air in our countryside home much fresher and as free as possible from the toxins produced by machinery. Take a stroll with us and take a deep refreshing breath and you’ll see what we mean. We like sitting on the porch at the very end of a long day and being able to see every star shining at night up in our clean, pure skies. It makes every footstep worthwhile.

Fishing Practices

Going from farms to fisheries, we have more good news. We were able to find and create a partnership with some companies that share our cleanfood and sustainability mission, out in the North Atlantic. Our wild-caught fish foodstuffs (whole redfish, cod livers and whole sardines) literally come off of the boats to our hands, from Maine fisherman working the chilly North Atlantic Ocean. Until they meet Steve, one of Kure’s farmer owners in Pennsylvania, though, all our fish live their full lives swimming freely and feeding naturally in the oceans, as fish have always lived. This is the right and humane way for fish to grow.

A Feast Within the Fish

And it adds a benefit: the icy cold ocean waters encourage their bodies to grow robustly, with more polyunsaturated fat, which adds nutrition to our fish bone broth. We use the whole fish, as people have done since time began the world over: you’ll notice our broth’s richly gelatinous nature when you thaw it and keep it in your refrigerator – it is a true feast of nourishment and flavor for your pet, a biodiverse food rich in vitamins, minerals, essentially fatty acids, and probiotics. Nutrition, not waste. We even harvest full leaf raw kelp from the kelp farms that are being “planted” in the ocean by Atlantic Sea Farms to restore the wellbeing of the ocean, and the aquatic ecosystem. Rich in vitamins K1 and A, folate, magnesium, calcium, pantothenic acid and iron, ocean-fresh kelp is another superfood that contributes to the quality of our broth.

Meet Our Small Farmers of the Sea

Our Fish Tale: We believe in the importance of well-managed, sustainable fisheries, and sustainable aquaculture practices


None of this happened by accident: we have spent years learning how to treat the land and water with respect and have worked hard to find new ways to produce the food of our dreams for your pets. We are grateful to work together in this mission on our farms as we have done for generations, and to work with our aquatic and packaging partners in our sustainability.