Pet Well Being

Because we’re on our cleanfood mission, we keep our eyes on every detail as we create and share our wonderful pet milks, broths and other raw foods. Everything matters: the clean soil, water and air of our family farms, our sustainability commitment, and our high ethical standards and dedication to humane practices. We handcraft our foods, to ensure their quality and nutrition.

We’ve lived our lives here in rural Pennsylvania strictly following the practices of no-waste, and reduced waste, clean living. We find a use for everything. We happily reuse and upcycle, too. As small family farmers, and loving stewards of our own lands, we bring these principles to our Kure Pet Food packaging and production as well. At the end of the day, it’s simply a good feeling to know that we’ve reduced our footprint and made a difference. It’s the right thing to do. We thank you in advance for recycling our packaging, and helping in our mission to kindly support this beautiful world that sustains us all.

To Recycle Kure Pet Food Packaging


Rinse off any food residue from
Kure Pet Food cartons and packaging
with clean water. 


Air dry the package, and recycle
as usualwith other recyclable items.

All of our packaging has been meaningfully created from recyclable materials. We avoid the use of plastic as much as possible for the good of the food we offer, and for the life of the lands we call home.

Plastic is Sensibly Minimized

We’ve achieved a similarly high standard for our cartons and packaging, which are specifically designed to meet our goal of maintaining the nutrients, while also keeping our foods in their healthiest state from Pennsylvania to your kitchen counter. No point is overlooked. Our foods are filled in our cartons and then flash-frozen, to hold the nutrients in their best state.

We will not use plastic bottles for a number of reasons, one of which is to keep nutrients safe and intact. For example, our milk carton packaging is light blocking.

We do this because light exposure also causes chemical reactions in milk, modifying proteins and fats and creating unpleasant off-flavors due to the oxidization, while simultaneously decreasing the nutritional value of the milk and degrading the vitamins it contains.

Better Packaging,
Healthier Food

We minimize the use of plastic packaging wherever we can in every stage of manufacturing. We opt to use “milk cartons” made of recyclable, renewable paperboard materials, instead of plastic bottles. We do this because plastic leaches unwanted chemicals into food. Studies have shown chemicals and microplastics leaking from plastic packaging that have been linked to metabolic disorders. Packaging composed of polycarbonate plastics can contain bioactive chemicals like BPA (plastic that contains BPA have been linked in studies to endocrine disorders, including thyroid issues) and phthaplates. Hormones are the way the body regulates itself. They act as messengers traveling throughout your pet’s system. But further studies show that ingesting even tiny amounts of these plastic packaging chemicals can negatively affect the very balance of the body.

Taking Extra Steps

Our use of pure cellulose fiber with no chemical agents. And there’s more: also tell your pets that our packaging for butter chubs and meats is created to the same standards for the same level of eco-accountability and food safety. For example, our casings are specially made from pure cellulose fiber, a natural product, with no use of polypropylene glycol. Cats in particular are sensitive to polypropylene glycol. The FDA prohibits the use of polypropylene glycol in commercial cat foods because it’s been shown to cause abnormalities in the red blood cells of cats fed diets that contain it. Over time, toxicity and poisoning can occur if a dog or cat ingests significant quantity of polypropylene glycol, so we don’t allow it in our food or packaging. So, to solve this, our casing packaging partners went to other great lengths to change other protocols for Kure: now they use a mixture of water and natural mineral oil, instead of chemicals, as a releasing agent during the filling process.​

With Kure, your pet’s food will arrive in the unsullied nourishing state you want, its nutrients
thoroughly protected, and so the wellbeing of both the earth and your pet are assured.