We Are Farmers Improving the Planet

We are stewards of our land. Our children run along paths to play in the fields. Our fields and animals thrive together.

An independently farmer-owned, operated and sourced company in the rural valleys
of Pennsylvania, we follow only ethical practices.

So animals live happier, natural lives.

So farmlands and fields are meticulously cared for,

as honeybees and butterflies dance through the air above.

We stand together under this beautiful sky, generations of

guardians of our lands, families that still maintain a sustainable

way of life. A simpler way, filled with goodness, shared with those we love.

A humane outlook.

Today we offer our healthiest food from soil (and waters) to the bowl in your home. Always given from our hearts and hands, to yours. It’s a way of living, and a code of kindness. Creating well being for the pets we love brought forth from the earth we honor.