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Small Farmers of the Sea

We were able to find and create a partnership with a handful of companies that share our cleanfood mission, practicing their fishing business in support of the natural aquaculture out in the North Atlantic. They believe in the importance of well-managed, sustainable fisheries, and sustainable aquaculture practices.
They even work with other fishermen, scientists, and fisheries managers to help improve ocean data and knowledge of domestic fisheries, do routine testing,
while supporting local, community-based fishermen. Perhaps we should
call them our “small farmers of the sea”.


Trusted Partners,
Better Cleanfood

Holding these strong beliefs, Norpel Fishery of

New Bedford, Massachusetts, is the perfect partner company, working to help fisheries that are certified

by the Marine Stewardship Council, Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch, and Best Aquaculture Practices. We chose them to handle our fish needs for our Fish Bone Broth.

We source three key fish from
Norpel Fishery partners


Acadian Redfish     (a fish notable for its large-sized heads, which equals an incredible nutrient load for our broth, making it more robust: You’ll

notice its rich, almost gelatinous consistency because we use the whole fish in our recipe

to pull every nutrient we can into our fish

bone broth),


Fresh cod livers that we ferment ourselves to
add to noted as a superfood for their excellent vitamin B12 load and calcium content. And rich
in vitamins A and D, which work together in a beneficial way. All these cold-water fish are excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids and
are dense with nutrients.


Our third wild-caught fish we source is sardines, brought in from the boats directly to PA,
we ferment these sardines to make our
nutrient-dense bone broth.


Fresh Healthier Catch
from the Sea to Steve

Our fresh fish (Redfish, cod, and sardines) literally come

off of the boats to our hands, no middleman, from these independent fishermen working the chilly North Atlantic Ocean in their small boats and classic fishing vessels. Fresh fish is hipped directly to Steve, our “brothmaster“ and highly skilled maker of our special nutritious fish bone broth.

Until they meet Steve in Pennsylvania, though, all our fish live their full lives swimming freely and feeding naturally in the oceans, as fish have always lived. This is the right and humane way for fish to grow. And it adds a benefit: the icy cold ocean waters encourage their bodies to grow robustly, with more polyunsaturated fat, which adds nutrition to our fish bone broth.
We use the whole fish, as people have done since time began the world over: you’ll notice our broth’s richly gelatinous nature when you thaw it and keep it in your refrigerator – it is a true feast of nourishment and flavor for your pet, a biodiverse food rich in vitamins, minerals, essentially fatty acids, and probiotics. Nutrition, not waste.

(see more) link to


Sea Kelp and Caring for Our Aquaculture

Atlantic Sea Farms is another of our seafaring partners, whose work

we admire so much as they reestablish natural sea kelp in the Atlantic Ocean
to nourish the aquaculture. We harvest full leaf raw kelp from their kelp farms,

which are being “planted” in the ocean to restore the well being of the ocean,

and the aquatic ecosystem.

From land to sea and back again, we’re always striving to support regenerative

and sustainable practices, while sourcing the highest
quality cleanfood. (See more at

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