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Fermentation Makes
Kure A Beautifully
Healthy Thing

Fermentation. Not the prettiest word
under the sun. But maybe the most valuable.

Because fermentation happens to be the best natural creator of the healthy bacteria

probiotics – needed for your pet’s wellbeing.


Think of fermentation as a magical warrior defending the best

functioning of your pet’s immune system. An age-old method of natural food preservation,

fermentation provides probiotics, successfully replenishes the gut, and heroically
fights off harmful bad bacteria. It’s the path to great gut
flora through daily healthy feeding.

Since good health emanates from the gut, good things happen.


Benefits of

Fermenting our raw cleanfood for your

pets also increases the B vitamins,

antioxidants, digestive enzymes,

and even lactic acid (vital for energy

in muscles, red blood cells, and

the liver). This offers an endless

array of health-supporting benefits

for every part of your pet’s body,

from skin and teeth and fur to thyroid,

pancreas, the kidneys and more.


Healthy bacteria predigest certain components of raw fermented food making it much more bioavailable, 

or easier to digest and be absorbed by the body more so than any other food. Fermentation slightly alters the protein structure of food which allows pets

to tolerate a certain protein or food much better. It’s likely that your pet

will not be allergic to feeding  a

raw fermented protein versus a 

non-fermented protein.


We’re grateful for the natural magic 

of fermentation for our Kure

foods. Because the good bacteria
of natural probiotics – really the

top health-boosting element that

ought to be in your pet’s diet –

isn’t found in much of the

commercial pet food out there.

Luckily for Pets, We’re Different

There’s plenty of good bacteria in Kure Pet Food because we ferment our raw cleanfood for the wellbeing of our beloved dogs and cats. Fermentation makes Kure raw cleanfood – our milks, broths, and more, food that already goes beyond organic standards – a magnificently nutritious, probiotic-packed way to feed your pet.

Gut Health + True Nutrition

And as we mentioned, fermentation also safely preserves our Kure raw food naturally using the food’s own juices and the activation of natural simple microorganisms. Unfreeze our food to serve it at room temperature and the healthy bacteria reactivate and keep making the food healthier, adding to our cleanfood’s amazing nutritious state.


An age-old idea newly adapted to the wholesome diet formulations created by our innovative Master of Food Science and
Holistic Nutritionist for ultimate dietary goodness. The simple key to maintaining and healing gut health, all the way from
our rolling hills under blue skies, home to the pets you love.


Did You Know?
Dogs Ferment
Their Own Food.

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