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Hello Cleanfood

Our pet food diets are formulated by
an innovative Master of Food Science
and Holistic Nutritionist, following
protocols of feeding fresh, raw fermented
wholefoods to pets. We’re honored that
these protocols have received worldwide
accolades for delivering the most highly
nutritious, biologically appropriate diets
offered today.

It’s getting close to mealtime! 
Here are a few typical questions pet
parents ask us, that can serve as easy
reminders as you and your pets
head to the kitchen.

Welcome to Raw Fermented Feeding

It’s getting close to mealtime!  Here are a few typical questions pet parents ask us, that can serve as
easy reminders 
as you and your pets head to the kitchen.

We’re new Kure customers!  What is the best way to introduce Kure Pet Food?

Welcome to the family! We suggest feeding any of our liquid products: Raw Fermented Goat Milk, Raw Cow Milk Kefir,

Fish Bone Broth with Fermented Sardines, or Chicken Bone Broth with Fermented Ginger. As fermented cleanfood, these products are extremely high in bioavailable, living probiotic bacteria. They’re really the perfect starting point for a healthier diet. Start with a small portion of the recommended daily amount. Once their bodies are adjusted to having healthy bacteria

in their digestive system, gradually increase the serving amount, until you reach your desired daily portion.

What is the best way to introduce Fermentation into my pet’s diet?

Our Raw Fermented Goat Milk is the ideal product to introduce healthy bacteria/probiotics into your pet’s digestive system.

What is the Best Food
for a Puppy or Kitten?

We recommend rotating all of our products to introduce
and acclimate your pet to as many nutrients as possible.
This encourages ideal physical development.
What a wonderful start to their new lives!


Best Handling

How long can your products
sit out in room temperature?

Once thawed, our raw fermented milks and bone broths can sit out at normal room temperature for at least 12 hours. Kure’s meat recipes can sit out safely for
at least 10 hours, and our raw cheese
for about 24 hours. Raw fermented
butter products can sit out indefinitely. Thanks to the fact that our raw products are fermented, they actually continue to produce healthy bacteria over the few hours they sit out, adding to their nourishing quality.

Fish 32.png
Chicken 32.png
Kefer 32.png
Goat 32.png

Do I serve your raw food cold, or wait to serve at

room temperature?

You can serve our cleanfood either way. It all depends on your pet's preference. If your pet seems finicky, try feeding both ways and compare. The change in serving at different temperatures will be enough to encourage

a taste.


Important note:

We’ve found that cats in general don’t care for food straight from the refrigerator and seem to prefer eating food at room temperature. When food is at room temperature (not too cold or too hot), food has a more appealing aroma, is closer to their own body temperature, and is more like that of prey they or their hunting ancestors might have caught in the wild.

How to Serve


How do I measure out your food for my pet's meal?

The easiest way to measure accurately is to buy an affordable digital kitchen scale that can measure in weight (ounces). You’ll love how handy a little scale like this will be, and how often you’ll probably use it. You can also use

a liquid measuring cup.


Is it okay to mix processed food
or kibble with Kure Pet Food?

Yes. Adding some Kure raw food is better than adding no Kure to your pet’s menu at all. Despite differing digestion speeds between kibble, processed foods, and raw fermented foods, the benefits and advantages from adding

our food to any diet vastly outweighs any potential concerns. It’s a fantastic

way to boost nutrition for your pet’s wellbeing.

Is it necessary to add food or supplements

to your Meat Recipes?


No. Our pet food recipes are carefully formulated by an innovative Master

of Food Science and Holistic Nutritionist. Our raw diets have nutritional abundance. Live clean ingredients provide an excellent delivery system of probiotic and nutritional benefits for pets by using whole, raw, fermented foods.


We do not recommend using synthetic supplements, such as pills or powders,
to "balance" food due to their complete lack of
bioavailability and propensity to damage the kidneys. Isolating nutrients by substituting with supplementation
is problematic and fails to work effectively.


Unlike using supplements, your pet cannot overdose on natural occurring vitamins and minerals found in wholefood. We do, however, recommend

rotating our products and proteins for an ideal nutritional balance.

How do I incorporate your raw milks
and bone broths into my pet’s diet?


Our raw milks and bone broths are extremely nourishing and ideal for nutritionally boosting any diet. They are considered Superfoods.

Live enzymes from these products provide an excellent delivery system of probiotic benefits and are highly beneficial.

Serve separately or mix into their meal.

There’s a different smell to your food.

Should I be concerned?


Not at all. Kure’s products are fermented. Lactic acid bacteria from fermentation have a distinct smell and can vary in pungency.
The longer Kure food sits out, the more its smell will be enhanced. This is completely normal and safe for our products.

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