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Thanks to our polyculture farming approach, we raise our animals in natural accordance with nature for their wellbeing, as we have for generations. This creates a biodiverse environment, excellent for the soil, water, plants, animals and air. Here, our chickens are also robust natural dwellers of our Pennsylvania valley, because they live a sustainable, freewheeling life too. Chickens are actually omnivores. So, on our farms, living the good life they wander freely (and quite sociably) pecking at insects and plants. They love fruits, grains and even table scraps. They’ll basically enjoy trying to gobble up anything they can find, and the freedom they have here on our clean, healthy land makes their diet healthily diverse. Well water and rainwater round off their good day here.

This goodness and good energy translates into the nutrition of our chicken bone broth.


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Goats and Chickens

A land-friendly relationship.

Our goats and can be found grazing in our rolling, spring-green fresh meadows with our chickens,

in fact. In our polyculture farming approach,
we follow nature, and in nature, goats and chickens enjoy a symbiotic relationship that
keeps the
soils waste free but rich with nutrients.

They clean up after each other’s spilled food, poop, slugs snails and little bugs, a buddy system that helps necessary microbes thrive in the soil, and promotes clean water run-off, too.
Even eliminates the need for fossil fuel-based

fertilizers and pesticides. Those are valuable results of long-time farm friendship in our clean energy world, so they’ll always be grazing pals here in Pennsylvania. 

Pastured Cows

Contented in nature.

On the other hand, our proud cows enjoy their own grass pastures, and live richer lives with meadow walks, and the fresh clean air. They enjoy days without noise pollution, with butterflies fluttering by tickling their ears. We think they may like the daily bovine socializing as much as they do the juicy fresh grass they get to consume. The healthier, naturally nourished, nutrient-rich soil of polyculture farming means healthier grass for the next meal, and plenty

of fresh, toxin-free, clean well water too. An age-old circle of life that contributes to our genuine love for our animals and their lives, our cleanfood mission

and our sustainability efforts every single day.

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