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Good Wishes: A letter from Steve, one of the farmer-owners of Kure Pet Food

Initial LLC

Nov. 2, 2021

Greetings to the corners of the four winds, O for the bountiful pleasures of Autumn! That’s where you will find the five farmers at Kure Pet. We are enjoying the beauty of the by-lanes with leaves in brilliant color. The woodland and vale too are cloaked in gold array. From the yield of the gardens and ripening of the orchards the families stowed away ample supply for the winter victuals.

September and October were a sad estrangement to my kindred. We experienced twelve days in Berks County Court system. Late August a sheriff presented a lawsuit against Kure Pet – Initial LLC from/by Answers Pet Food. The six weeks have been a long interrogating yet humbling experience. Through it all we have become stronger and more passionate for Kure Pet products, pets, and people. The judge and opprobrium meant evil toward us — when in essence it instilled a greater vision within our souls.

The farmers are not in Answers court to win — however, there is work to achieve. Labor of love to all whom we exchange. During the days of trial, we triumphed formulating numerous new recipes for the pet world. Possibly in Dec newsletter I’ll introduce a few. The formulating and printing cartons are yet in research and development (R&D).

In remedy of Jacqueline, Roxanne, Coco, Eric and Joshua we/you are truly blessed.

And distributors, thank you for sharing your trust towards the farmers. Also, retailers and households for your musical patronage supporting old world food. I will remember to applaud Cornerstone Law Group for orchestrating on behalf of the court.

Steve Fisher

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