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We Are Guardians of
Appropriate Diets

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Cleanfood is about real food that goes
beyond organic standards.

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Dr. Doug Knueven, Kure Chief Veterinarian

Handcrafted Formulation

Our pet food diets are formulated by an innovative Master of Food Science and Holistic Nutritionist,
following protocols of feeding fresh, raw fermented wholefoods to pets. We’re honored that
these protocols have received worldwide accolades for delivering the most highly nutritious,
biologically appropriate diets offered today.




Probiotics to
the Rescue



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Our Farms to Your
Pet's Dish

Our team pioneered a new raw feeding category 12 years ago by introducing raw fermented milks to pet food stores across the nation. This movement continues today as Kure upholds the highest standards in the pet food industry leading with real, honest, and purpose-driven achievements and good energy in our cleanfood movement.

Kure offers optimal nutrition to pets by producing ethical, humane, minimally processed, chemical-free, sustainable
raw wholefoods. A superior level of health and wellbeing is the ultimate goal achieved by feeding pets appropriate, nutrient-dense diets. Biologically, our pets need a diet containing predigested raw food. Fermentation pre-digests
raw food by naturally breaking down nutrients, making it easier for pets
to digest.


Aside from enhancing the nutritional value of raw food,
and making the food easy to digest, fermentation is also an
excellent delivery system for micronutrients, healthy bacteria

or probiotics, and live enzymes. These restore health and balance to the gut and help bring stability throughout the

entire body.


Feeding our cleanfood can almost be considered as offering
pets a “natural medicine” and it is a great preventative
measure against chronic disease.

The Good Made
Even Better.

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